Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Picking up the bike

The day finally came. Time to pick up the bike from the local dealer. I originally planned on leaving the bike at the dealer's showroom until temperatures rose above 10 degrees C, but due to some unexpected turn of events I needed to get the bike of the floor before mid March. Not a problem really, but the weather was not ideal for the maiden voyage. 2 C degrees or 36 F is a bit too chilly to enjoy riding so I decided to just ride the twenty minutes home and wait for the temperatures to rise a bit.

First impressions

I was overly cautious with the bike due to it being brand spanking new and the potential for icy spots was definitely still there. I really did not get enough time on the saddle to make any kind of conclusions, but I sure did love the feel of the bike!

Some things I did notice first hand:
- the clutch is very light and pleasant to operate
- seat was better than expected
- seat height was not an issue
- smooth throttle
- less vibrations than I expected*

*I did not get into highway speeds, so this is perhaps subject to change

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