Friday, March 28, 2014

First ride

2014 KTM 690 Enduro R first ride early spring
The sea was still frozen

Finally did a short 80km first ride today. Not much, but now I can say that I've actually ridden the bike. I was running the standard map and I obviously had to stay below 6000 rpm too due to the break in period. 

The new ride-by-wire throttle works beautifully. There is no jerkiness anywhere. The suspension worked marvelously on the tarmac. I didn't need to pay any attention to the numerous potholes and bumps. The bike just glided over everyhing. The suspension may be a tad hard for off road though. I haven't touched any adjustment screws yet nor do I plan to for a while. I'll just ride it for a while before touching anything. 

I kept a keen eye on the handle bar vibrations, but came up with nothing. I didn't get past 90 on the small roads so the result is still inconclusive.

What really got my attention was the power! This bike has a serious power to weight ratio and It will wheelie like crazy on first and second. The bike will literally pick up the front instantly if you give it the beans. Gotta pay attention.

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