Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The KTM 690 Enduro survey

Ktm 690 enduro survey
The thought occurred to me when mining for information from the depths of the internet. You can find thousands of pages of opinions and comments on the bike (or any bike for that matter), but that still doesn't give you real picture of the reality behind the comments. Technical problems seemed to be a big part of the 690 discussions, but opinions varied greatly. People had bikes with zero problems, some had some minor issues and others seemed to have issues to no end.

With this in mind I posted a survey form on where 690 owners could post their technical issues or lack there of. I chose advrider because it represents no particular brand, has  a lot of visitors and the inmates seem to be a cool bunch in general. I was fully expecting to be told to F off, but instead got a whole bunch of entries. I immediately proceeded to crunch the data I had gotten and got some interesting results.

I could now calculate the average amount of technical issues per model , percentage of issue free bikes, the average amount of miles before first issue etc. More importantly I got a long list of issues with the mileage the issue appeared at and how it was fixed. The statistics are more "fun facts" mostly because they are far from scientifically reliable results. (lots and lots of room for interpretation) BUT the technical issues list seems to actually be useful!

REMEMBER, the numbers on page one are NOT "real". 

1. the amount of entries is not large enough to make any conclusion regarding the bikes reliability
2. the data entered is not verified in any way (all issues could in fact  be entered by envious Honda men ;))

Oh, you want to see the results?

The thread is located here >>
Post number 15 has the images & data.

* I'm not adding the pictures here because I said I will not use them to promote any website, service etc.
This way I'm leading people to and not the other way around.


The amount of data became so large that posting images was no longer sensible. I had to make a PDF file.

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