Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bro tip for the short riders

This was not my idea, I shamelessly stole it from forums. ( most likely the wunderfest megathread ). The 690 enduro kick stand is not particularly difficult to deploy, UNLESS you are a shorty like me and end up in situations that your right foot needs to go lower than usual. Parking on an small incline to the left for example. Suddenly things turn from manageable to damn annoying when you are trying to get the kick stand deployed with your pygmy foot. Usually what happens is, that I get the kick stand part of the way down and run out of leg length and the kick stand snaps back up.

The solution is a RAM ball mounted on the kick stand. With the ball mounted, your leg doesn't need to extend nearly as low/far to deploy the kick stand all the way down.

This is the exact product I used, but there are probably other similar ones that work just as well.


  1. I have the same problem on my 2009 690 Enduro. I was in Namibia one time with a newly fitted Wings exhaust. It set my luggage on fire. Godammit. Not the fault of the exhaust, mine for having stuff too near it. When I stopped the bike I was sitting way forwards to keep away from the flames and could not reach the stand. I did not just want to drop the bike as I wanted to jettison the horseshoe pannier. If I had dropped the bike onto it, the whole lot would probably have gone up. I did eventually manage to get the stand down. Undid the pannier on the one side and threw I over the bike.
    This idea you share would have helped me in my very nasty moment.