Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter projects 1 - battery charger plug and status indicator

Comfort Indicator Eyelet as it is called by CTEK
I've installed the CTEK battery charging plug with LED charge indicator lights to my last four bikes. It's really handy during the winter as you can charge the battery (and see the battery status) without the need to remove the seat or dig out the battery terminals. On the 690 the battery is easily accessible, but on my 696 Ducati Monster for example you needed to lift off the fuel tank to access the battery. Yes, really. I also had some regulator issues on my previous (Yamaha Tenere) bike so I mounted the plug on the dash to be able to see if I the regulator was working properly. It once saved my but, as I was able to react in time when the light went from green to orange while riding.

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