Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Perun Moto products

Perun rear rack for the 690 Enduro R
I wanted to share the Perun Moto find I made as I really like his work. I first ran into Perun and his products at a luggage & rack thread. He is a one man shop operating from Serbia and manufacturing and designing the products himself. What makes him special is that, to my eye, he has been able to come up with stuff that is better thought out than anything else out there (including the big manufacturers). The rear rack above for example is similar to the Nomadic rack, but with much better attachment/strapping options. The rack has also been designed to be easily integrated with Touratech pannier racks, Happy Trail pannier rack, Wolfman side racks and Rally Raid side racks. A good example of good design and though put into the product is that the rack comes two sets of aluminium spacers are provided - one for rack alone and other for using luggage rack with pannier racks.

Perun Moto provides good photos of the installation
Another big plus is that Perun Moto site has very good installation instructions. Usually what you get is a folded foto copy with rather suggestive instructions. Oh, and Peruns stuff is very reasonably priced too, the rack priced at $120. If I had known about Perun's products I would have absolutely chosen his rack over anything else.

Another example of Peruns excellent design is his skid plate project. He has really taken time to research problems (based on user reports) with other similar products and came up with his own improved design. Sadly this product is not currently for sale. Read more about the project at Perun Moto

Go visit Perun Moto site :

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