Friday, April 17, 2015

First proper ride of the spring

Cold, damp and downright miserable weather during our ride. What started out as a chilly barely bearable ride quickly escalated into a mini adventure as the GPS pointed us to roads that hadn't really been roads in recent memory. We pussied out on some parts and walked the bikes over the worst ruts as we didn't want to risk braking stuff on the first ride. Not that I have any delusions of even being capable of staying upright on those parts anyway. All in all a fantastic little trip that yet again reminded me why owning a dual sport is so much fun.

I rode the Honda 250L again for a little while and I'm growing worryingly fond of the bike. It feels so much easier to handle when things get a bit challenging and despite the engine size it doesn't seem to lack any power outside the highways. In fact it feels that I need to go over the gears less with the Honda than with the 690. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

This is where we gave up this time.

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