Thursday, April 23, 2015

1:2 crash ratio

Windy as **** today. Battled the hard winds and a GPS gone insane all day. The TomTom was having a really bad day and for some reason was constantly pointing us to the wrong roads. Probably user error, but I still cant figure out what was the cause since I had not changed any settings since the last outing. While warming up my hands on the thumping exhaust I made a decision to refrain from riding until it gets at least above 10 C.

On a positive note, we did find some interesting spots on the route and we will be checking them out again later.

While dodging (or more accurately just giving way) an oncoming tractor on a forest road I inexplicably lost the front end and went down. At first it seemed nothing had broken, but I later discovered that I was about to need rear turn signal number 3...

The crash ratio for rides this year is 1:2. I'm seriously hoping to improve it.

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