Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Enduro R fuel breather hose and ABS wiring recall

The problem area / hose in my bike

KTM USA has sent out a technical bulletin stating the following

 During routine production checks, KTM discovered that the fuel tank vent hose could be
routed incorrectly on some 2014 690 Enduro R models. This could cause the hose to
become pinched by the seat and not vent properly as intended.

» The original 900mm length hose is too short for the new routing, therefore a new 1000mm
length hose must be installed connecting the Fuel Cap flange to the EVAP Canister. The
actual hose and routing need to be changed on all affected models linked to this bulletin.

» Additionally the ABS Power Cable, which connects to the battery + terminal, may not have
a red color wrapping to indicate that it is the power supply cable.

» KTM is requesting all affected retail unit customers be contacted to have this repair
performed as soon as possible. This repair can also be performed at the next service
interval or workshop appointment. 

The breather hose was an issue on my bike and the recall should therefor apply to euro bikes too. The ABS cable issue is a non issue in my opinion, but I guess it is liability thing if they don't fix it. Neither of the problems require immediate action, just pay attention when putting the seat back on.

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