Monday, July 14, 2014

Powermadd handguard gauntlets for the 690 Enduro R

PowerMadd handguard gauntlets on a KTM 690 Enduro R
The gauntlets somewhere near Karasjok Norway. Roughly at the same latitude as North Slope Alaska.

I chickened out again. It seemed that the weather above the arctic circle would be quite chilly. I haven't got grip heaters so in fear of freezing my fingers off I ordered ATV handguard gauntlets from Powermadd (Star Series Handquard Gauntlet Part #34258). After some internet research I found that most people were able to fit the Powermadd ones on most bikes even though I couldn't find any evidence of them fitting the 690 Enduro.

As the 690 hasn't got open ended handguards I was not able to use the inner straps for securing the gauntlets, but the velcro flaps and outer strap will no doubt keep everything in place regardless. I tried mounting the guards upside down as the mirror stem cutout is deeper on the underside of the gauntlet. The gauntlets fit somewhat better upside down, but I wasn't happy. They just didn't sit well enough. I ended up mounting the gauntlets kind of over the mirror stems.

The weather was better than expected, but I'm still glad I had the gauntlets. I was able to use my best gloves and still not freeze my fingers.The gauntlets stayed in place even with the haphazard attachment, but the gauntlets do need to be customized to make them fit perfectly.

powermadd handguard gauntlet inside
 gauntlet inside

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