Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The little brother - 2014 KTM Chicago M-Disc mountain bike

I know next to nothing about bikes, but I needed one and a KTM seemed like the natural choice. I could have gone with a road bike, but I felt my bike needed to have knobbies out of principle but also because of the winter commute. Finding an online dealer that sells KTM bikes turned out to be surprisingly difficult. None of the big online retailers like or seemed to have KTMs. After some furious web surfing I stumbled into which turned to have a good selection of bikes at very reasonable prices. (saved a bundle compared to the prices of the only in country retailer). More importantly the customer service was superb. I got very fast replies to all  my e-mails and they went to some extra trouble of switching the brakes on my bike, as I originally inquired about a bike that had different brakes than the one I ended up ordering.

The bike arrived in a neatly packaged box. The wheels, gear changer, handle bars and pedals needed to be assembled on the bike, but even without instructions it was not too much trouble. The fenders are extra accessories as is the luggage rack. The fenders came with the shipment, but the rack is el cheapo brand from some discount store. I did go the extra mile by swapping the brakes around so that the right brake is the front as it should be.

What does all this have to do with the 690 Enduro R. Nothing. I'm hoping though that using the mountain bike gets me into better shape and let's me enjoy the 690 a bit more. 

2014 KTM Chicago M Disc

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