Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Airhawk (Airhawk 2 small) seat cushion on KTM 690 Enduro R

Airhawk 2 seat cushion on a KTM 690 Enduro R
Airhawk 2 seat cushion on a KTM 690 Enduro R

The big trip is approaching fast. The KTM Powerparts "Ergo" seat just isn't doing it's job and I was getting increasingly anxious about sitting on the OEM seat well over twelve hundred miles in a row. I decided to give the Airhawk a go as it was in stock at many online shops and I could get my hands on it fast enough to try it before the trip.

I ordered the small Airhawk 2 model that is supposedly ideal for enduro style seats. The Airhawk is made USA and it looks solid for what it is. I'm not entirely convinced that 109 euros is justified for this type of product, but since it's not made in China/Vietnam/Pakistan etc. I suppose the price is understandable.

Mounting & first impressions

Mounting and attaching the Airhawk cushion is done by 2 straps that I could swear came from a pair of black womens bras. The straps run under the seat, so removing the seat for installation is a must. The provided straps are both too long even at their shortest "setting" so the cushion will nor stay in place without modifying the straps.

The recommended amount of air is very low. You are supposed to fill the cushion just enough to keep your buns off the seat. Overfiling the cushion will make it feel truly awkward. Tried it. The feel of the Airhawk is a bit squishy when you sit on it, but it instantly feels that it may very well do what it promises, that is eliminate the pressure points created by traditional seats. The size of the pillow is a bit too small. There is no room to move your seating position what is one of the big benefits of having a dirt bike saddle in the first place. The Airhawk should /could be 5-10 inches longer for the 690 Enduro and the like. I'll update this page when the longer trip is over and done with.

The Airhawk is a bit of an eyesore when mounted on the bike, but the 690 is hardly a bike for posing anyway.

UPDATE [13.10.2014]

The Airhawk worked really well during the trip to Norway. My butt never became sore during the trip, but the cushion really should be a bit longer. I had my gear set up so that I really could not change position very much, but even with no gear the Airhawk that I have is a bit too short for the enduro style seat.

Way too much air in these pictures
Airhawk 2 seat cushion on a KTM 690 Enduro R
Airhawk 2 seat cushion inside
The insides 
attachment straps 

Airhawk 2 seat cushion
Airhawk 2 - small 

Airhawk 2 seat cushion valve
the inflation / deflation valve 


  1. I had purchased one for my Super Tenere and thought I would have no use for it after trading the Tenere in for 690 Enduro. Then I saw a youtube video for the sweet Cheeks bottle (extra fuel!) holder/butt supporter, and ended up placing the "wide-saddle" airhawk on top of the Sweet Cheeks. The result is amazing: I can use the middle of the OEM seat when off-roading, yet ride on the air-cushion on the freeway by sitting further back in the saddle. Plus I get 3 litres of extra gas in the bottles.

  2. Looking to get an Airhawk for my 690 Duke as well.
    Thanks for your input!
    Will look into the medium-sized Airhawk for the long and narrow saddle.