Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1000km service and getting to know the Big brother - a short test ride with the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure

I took my 690 to the first 1000 km service. There indeed is/was a recall regarding the rear brakes (the pedal I believe), which was dealt with, but other than that nothing out of the ordinary. I didn't ask what they actually did with the rear brake, but since I believe it to be tighten & add Locktite type of thing I did not bother to even ask. While I waited for the service to be done I was kindly allowed to test ride the 1190. 

Few comments from the test ride
- Coming from the 690 the 1190 felt super smooth. No vibrations of any kind. Absolutely silky.
The sound of the engine had me expecting a harsh jerky ride accompanied with vibrations, but that really could not be further from the truth.
- The seat was really comfortable and low compared to the 690. (yes, that can be said about just any other bike). 
- While the 1190 is heavy compared to the 690, it' feels really light compared to the Honda Crosstourer for example. 
- There is a lot of power on tap even with all the nanny tech switched on. 
- The ergos certainly allow riding standing up, but the bars are little to low even for me
- The looks are a little on the safe side for a KTM. Still a nice looking bike for an adventure tourer.
- Wind protection was better than expected

This bike makes you want to just keep going and going.

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