Friday, June 12, 2015

New shoes- TKC 80s to replace the Sahara 3s

[UPDATE June 12th]

Finally got the TKCs on. I'll try to keep track on how they wear and report back periodically. The rear feels pretty similar to the Sahara 3 but the front feels completely different both on and off the pavement. The Sahara front was pretty much done so no surprise there.


Rear knob height is 11,5 mm after 10 kms

Rear knob height is 9,8 mm after 10 kms

my measuring method

Very lightly worn Metzeler Sahara Enduro 3 rear next to a brand new Continental TKC 80
This summer's big adventure begins in about a month. The little riding I have had the chance to do this year has underlined a problem with the tires. Specifically the front. As the "main part" of the adventure will take place on very poor quality roads I also felt the need to go with something a little more aggressive than the Metzeler Sahara 3.

The current rear has very little miles on it, but I wanted to change both front and rear anyway. Mostly because of the fond memories I had with the TKC80s on my 660 Tenere.

I looked at several options for the new tires and came out with the conclusion that I wanted either TKC 80s or Pirelli MT 21s. The reasoning being that I will be doing most of my riding on pavement out of necessity, but wanted better (or best possible) performance off road as long as I could keep the on road manners of the bike at a reasonable level. TKC 80s seem to hit that spot perfectly. From what I have read the MT21 while very good off road, will not quite match  the TKCs on the pavement. Also, I'm a bit concerned that I will find myself battling with headshake if I choose the wrong tires. Given that the TKCs are mounted on a variety of all-road bikes with little issues and that the fact that I had no problems with them on the Tenere, made them the safest bet at this point.

I didn't quite get the mileage on the TKCs on the Tenere that I would have liked, but I'm hoping that the 690 being a much lighter bike, will eat the tires less.

Pirelli MT21

Sahara 3 front next to a TKC 80
The front was getting iffy on gravel (after roughly 7000 kms)
TKC front brand new
The difference on the front is significant

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