Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dust in airbox?

690 Enduro R stock air filter

I've been seeing several reports of 690 owners (including the 2014 model) getting dust in the airbox. The problem is usually analyzed to originate from the lid and filter not sealing properly to the box itself. As a solution some have applied grease to the filter in order to trap the dust before it can enter the airbox. The actual cause of the problem (some say) is because the strong suction deforms the airbox and by doing so brakes the seal between the box and the filter.

As a concerned citizen I opened my airbox after a 6000 + kms and found no dust at all. Granted, I have not ridden in very dusty desert conditions, but if there is a problem on my bike, I'm not seeing it with my riding.

No dust to be seen

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