Saturday, October 11, 2014

The zip tie mod

The zip tie mod on 690 Enduro R

The zip tie mod means replacing the front side panel mounting screw with a zip tie. This prevents the side panel / side panel mounting screw from damaging the radiator if the side panel receives a hard impact.

Doing this mod would have probably saved me from a lot of grief during the latest crash. I would have probably lost the temp sensor anyway, but I would have most likely avoided the radiator leak. Reusable zip ties would be even better, but I didn't have small enough ones at hand.


  1. I also dropped my 690 a few weeks ago and while I didn't damage the radiator (I have the guard in place) I managed to pull the plastic away from the screw. Had to re-install it but not a big problem. I think I will take your advice and go to a zip-tie instead.

    The other relevant issue is the radiator diffuser mount, which you should also consider switching t zip-tie. see the:

  2. Thanks! I will look into that also.