Thursday, September 25, 2014

First bad drop

The fantastic day of roaming around the countryside and forest roads ended in tears when I managed to drop the bike and bust open the radiator. I was at and an end of a forest road when me and my friend decided not to push our luck and go riding on a what looked like a self made enduro training track. It looked gnarly at parts and we should've been heading home anyway. As I was turning the bike around at crawling speed I lost my balance and dropped the bike on it's right side. I immediately heard a hissing noise that told me I broke something badly. After I picked up the bike I noticed the radiator was leaking and the temp sensor on the right side had broken off. I had managed to drop the bike on a 3 inch thick tree stump that had hit the bike on it's most vulnerable spot, the radiator.

 No warning lights lit up on the dash and the bike seemed otherwise intact so I limped to the nearest gas station and bough a bottle of radiator fluid. Luckily the leak was so small that I could easily ride 20 kms, refill and carry on. I rode the bike to the dealer who promised to take a look and give an estimate of the damages.

My fear was that the radiator would be unrepairable and that alone would set me back 560 €... Luckily they reported that the radiator could be fixed by welding and the whole thing would cost me around 300€ Including the broken side panel etc. Like an idiot I had not done the zip tie mod or bought the radiator protector even though I knew that the bike was vulnerable at the radiator. Needless to say I ordered the radiator protector to be installed as they repaired the bike.

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