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KTM large rear bag [613.12.928.000] for 690 Enduro R - review

KTM powerparts large rear bag

I was able to get some KTM luggage (tank bag and rear bag) very cheap so I didn't go with the Giant Loop, Wolfman etc. alternatives even though they are very likely better products. I have found very little information on both the KTM large rear bag or the tank bag on the net. Especially pictures of the bags mounted seem to be surprisingly scarce. With this in mind I took a few pictures so people considering the KTM bags could get a better idea how they fit and what can be fitted in them.

KTM powerparts large rear bag

Overall impressions

The bag seems to be relatively well made although manufactured in Pakistan or somewhere similar no doubt. The fact that the bag is not water proof is a bit of downer, but I knew that going in. The bottom of the bag is rubberized and the shape of the bottom seems to fit the Nomadic rack pretty well. There is ofcourse some overhang on the sides which may be a concern if the bag gets shifted too close to the exhaust. Naturally the bag also covers the fuel cap, but due to the quick release buckles (or what ever they are called) the front end can be lifted out of the way pretty swiftly. Mounting a rotopax between the bag and Nomadic rack would likely eliminate the pipe burn threat so I will have to look into that. The only problem with that is that the rotopax mount can not be quickly detached which means that the Rotopax canister would always need to be mounted on the bike in order to use the the rear bag.

KTM powerparts large rear bag bottom

KTM powerparts large rear bag buckle


The bag was mounted on a Nomadic rear rack which I installed a little while ago. The four buckles are placed on the four corners of the bag and while not optimal I was able to tie down the bag quite securely. I used the separate pieces of nylon straps that were provided with the bag. The 4 straps have a loop on the other end, so it gives you some options when mounting the bag.

KTM powerparts large rear bag mounted on 690 Enduro R

Included accessories

The bag came with 4 separate nylon straps, 2 short straps with plastic loops on the other end, a "triangle strap" for carrying the bag on your back backpack style and a rain cover. The bag also included a sheet of clear self adhesive film that I assume is for protcting the paint on the parts that the bag comes in contact with.

* I'm only assuming the long strap is for the backpack carry and I don't have a clue what the short straps are for. No instructions came with the bag.

KTM powerparts large rear bag included accessories

Available space

For testing purposes I packed in a pair of jeans and a pair of hiking boots and... Well that was pretty much it. The main compartment was full. I did not use the little extra space that can be utilized by unzipping one of zippers and thus allowing the bag to grow in height. By doing so, it does make some more room, but not much. The side pockets were left empty, but are likely handy on trips although not very spacious. You can easily pack in enough for a nice day trip assuming you don't have to prepare for a variety of weather conditions, but making a weekend trip with this bag alone is pushing it.

KTM powerparts large rear bag extended


Can I recommend the bag? No, not at this point, but then again I wouldn't recommend against getting one either. Time will tell how it holds up. The man selling points for the bag over any $30 waterproof duffel bag are it's ability to hold it's shape when empty and the buckles on the corners.


I would not recommend mounting this back directly to a Nomadic rack or similar. The bag is wide enough to hang over the sides of the luggage rack and once it's buckled down tight, it's just too close to the hot exhaust. With extended use the bag will probable loosen up a bit more and you will end up with burnt luggage for sure.

In this picture the bag is not even strapped on, and it's already nearly touching the exhaust. Note that there is nothing in the bag either. Not good.

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